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Faculty of Pharmacy

Message of Dean

Our faculty has completed 52 years of service in pharmacy profession, and is constructed under three sections as Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professional Pharmaceutical Sciences and The Pharmaceutical Technology. It continues its education and training activities with 18 professors, 7 associate professors, 32 assistant professors, 1 lecturers, 16 research assistants and 1 specialist. In accordance with the present conditions where pharmacy concept and scope are in a rapid change, our education has been extended to 5 years from 2005-2006 Academic Year, and students under the extended program were graduated in 2010-2011 Academic Year.

According to the result of Measuring, Selection and Placement Centre (MSPC) our faculty has maintained its position as second line preferred faculty among the other State Faculties of Pharmacy, The Pharmaceutical Base Points of the state universities in 2015-2016 as being in the second range. Our faculty has been playing a leading role during the Education activities in many areas. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Drug Metabolism, Clinical Pharmacy and Cosmetology discipline have been added to pharmacy education in our faculty as a compulsory subject for the first time during Degree in Pharmacy. Many graduates who have Master’s Degree (with thesis-without thesis) in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy of our faculty have been involved in the hospital staff. The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has given plenty of graduates working in the pharmaceutical industry by Master of Science without thesis (Secondary Education). Also, Master of Science training without thesis is done in the Department of Pharmacology (Secondary Education).

The training program alongside new clinical aspects of the pharmacy profession has been also arranged to cover basic functions in pharmaceutical technology; compulsory and optional lectures in laboratory and training practices. Besides the basic theoretical and practical training which is based on natural and synthetic-based pharmaceutical production, control and marketing and a wide range of patient-focused education are performed. In addition, theoretical and practical information are given to students about cosmetology and clinical pharmacy. Since pharmacy education aims to gain very broad practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge, students do a traineeship related with their profession in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacist are in very close relationship with people, accordingly psychology, communication skills, accounting courses, as well as different culture courses are also included in their training programs .

Our students are going to partner universities to have education through Erasmus programme. Marmara University Pharmaceutical Students' Association (MUPSA), which is established by our students, is a member of European Pharmaceutical Students' Association (EPSA). In this way students get opportunities to be in contact with Pharmacy students of other countries, interact with other cultures, and be a part of the various professional activities abroad.

Our faculty has been applied to the National Association of Pharmacy Accreditation. After the examinations of the “Evaluation and monitoring visit report”, Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy is “fully accredited” for 6 years as of 6 January 2015.

Dear Friends, as ambassadors of our faculty of education and training;

In the world where  the technology rapidly develops, I want you to become innovative thinkers, your participation in continuous training profession, your presence at all levels of production as a pharmacist from herbal formulations to new drug formulations, being expert pharmacists in hospitals and being specialized in areas including diabetes, oncology and various other fields, to share your knowledge on Pharmaceutical Care, rational drug use with health professionals and public, being a faculty member to close the gap in faculties of Pharmacy, to have high-rated papers, patents, citations, and to have  a word in university Techno-parks and pharmaceutical R&D centres.

Prof.Dr.Ş.Güniz Küçükgüzel



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