Assoc.Prof. Muhammet Emin Çam's Article Has Been Featured as Cover Page

The original research article "Core–sheath polymer nanofiber formation by the simultaneous application of rotation and pressure in a novel purpose-designed vessel" co-authored by Assoc.Prof. Muhammet Emin Çam, who is a member of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology, and carried out in cooperation with University College London and Marmara University, has been featured on the cover of Applied Physics Reviews (Impact Factor: 19.162). Congratulations to our faculty member, and the authors Hussain Alenezi and Dear Prof. Mohan Ediresinghe. You can reach the article and related news from the links below.

APR- kapak sayfası- Muhammet emin Çam.JPG (90 KB)