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Our club established in 2004 by our faculty students and in addition to the academic study of the pharmacy profession as social activities awareness of the scope of students physical mental cultural and artistic talents in the fields/attributes uncover and serving the purpose of contributing to the development in these areas is a club attached to our Dean.

The mission of our club is to encourage, with the experience our students gained here in proffessional matters, self-renewing, in contact with our country and in the world of professional organizations, open to the world, sensitive to social problems,in place and time required to produce solutions ready to take responsibility individuals. Under the club activities,graduates of association in collaboration with graduate of our faculty career days invated representatives of industry or professional organizationn professional interviews /seminars, pharmacy-related trips to stores and companies pharmacy among colleagues and pharmacy students such activities of arts, culture and sports events are carried out. Also it is published a magazine named SENTEZ by our students.


President: Özge Sıla ŞİNİK

Vice President: Ezginur YEŞİL

General Secretary: İhsan Eren ASİLER

Project and Educational Coordinator: Ezva Berika KILIÇ, Nejla CANBOLAT

Public Health Coordinator: Süleyman KURT, Zeynep ERDAĞ, Zeynep Nur TAŞKARA

Media Coordinator: Buse ÜNSAL

Communication Officer: Büşra KARAKALE

Social Events Coordinator: Ceren ALPAY, Bilge SAKA

Club Advisor: Prof.Dr. Levent KABASAKAL

Vice Club Advisor: Res. Assist. Ayşe Nur HAZAR YAVUZ


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The Farmacademy Club which was founded in 2011, aimed primarily to socialize students. Hereby, it organizes parties, fairs, botanical tours, cultural tour, etc. social activities where the faculty students and sometimes academicians join. Painting and etc. arts activities which boost talents of the students are also included within the scope of organizational goals of this club. It is aimed to ensure student cooperation and more effective communication in the society by various social responsibility projects.  


President: Kemal KALE

Vice President: Şevval Sıla KAYGISIZ

General Secretary: Emin KARAMEŞE

Treasurer: Emirhan KARADENİZ

Academic Projects Coordinator: Deniz BİLİR

Public Health Coordinator: Ekinsu KILIÇ

Social Events Coordinator: Yüksel Esma ARSLANER

Newspaper and Press Coordinator: Serap KÜÇÜK

Media Coordinator: Melisa TEZCAN

Design Coordinator: Damla KURT

Theatre Coordinator: Hazan BÜR, Serhat KELEŞ

Trip Coordinator: Ece MENGELİBOĞA

Club Advisor: Prof.Dr. Mesut SANCAR

Vice Club Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Betül OKUYAN

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MUPSA is the openning of “Marmara University Pharmacy Students Association” in English. Since 1997, MUPSA is a member of the   international pharmacy students organizations   IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students ' Federation) and EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students' Association) which offers our students oppurtunities to communicate with pharmacy students from different countries, sharing cultures and participate in international events.    MUPSA provides professional activity platform for pharmaceutical students in order to make them better prepared for their career by more active, knowledgeable and confidental as individuals.MUPSA provides professional and social support for the pharmacists of the future by staidness and its decisive facilities. It leads to establish professional relationships and close friendships. Furthermore, members are found in useful social activities related with pharmacy and health.   In order to become active members of MUPSA it is sufficient to be pharmacy students, active at least one year in one of the coordinatorships and  provide regular annual reports. Active members primarily benefit from MUPSA facilities. Students whose  activity is less than 1 year and all faculty students become passive members. According to MUPSA Regulations those who do not participate to its activities or students who do not submit regular reports will be converted to passive members. MUPSA encourages all pharmacy students from 1st to 5th classes  who are determined to take place in facilities at least for 1year. You can register to MUPSA by writing to  

The Management Team of MUPSA is:


MUPSA Executive

President: Hilal BİRİNCİ

EPSA Communication Secretary: Eyyüp IŞKIN

General Secretary: Hatice KARA

Foreign Affairs Coordinator: Tuğberk SEPETÇİ

Treasurer: Zeynep AYFER

Project and Educational Coordinator: Müzeyyen KORKMAZ

Public Health Coordinator: Senem ŞIK

Public Relations Coordinator: Seval YASLANMAZ

Publications Coordinator: Nihan ŞAHİN

Social Events Coordinator: Işıl İrem AYDIN

Design Coordinator: Umut YILMAZ

IT Coordinator: Gamze ÖZTÜRK

Club Advisor: Assit.Prof.Dr Hale Özcömert Coşkun

Vice Club Advisor: Assit.Prof.Dr Aslı TÜRE


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The group which has started its activities once again in 2012, consists of two guitarists, a side-blown flutist, a bass guitarist, a drummer and two vocalists.The first major activity of the group was the successful concert which has been done during the celebration of 14 May.

 GroupSupervisor: Prof.Dr.Mesut SANCAR




The Theatre Society of  Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy has become famous by its first activity that was a dramatized poetry reading and choral work done at  Haydarpaşa campus in  14 May 1993. The next year   the drama ”Oh These Youth” written by Turgut Özakman  and “Mr X” written in 1995 by the  teaching responsible member of the community and also the coach Assit. Assoc. Dr. Filiz Özdemir was staged by the cotributions of the students who took place in the theatre society. Hence its extraordinary style it received many positive critics.


Since the exchange of personnel and reasons such as graduation of old  students the society did not exhibit any drama  except the traditional 14 May activities and the poetry  reading on the 8 th of  March,the  International Working Women 's Day, but the community continu ed  training on a regular basis in order to upskill newcomers and gain new students during the adoption of whose who have just met  Istanbul and  develop self-confidence and communication skills, the spirit of teamwork and empath, also it  has gained  important achievements in  increasing awareness the and the society continues so on ...    

The society  has displayed “ Hero Women “Dario Fo- Franca Rame, “ Notification” from Václav Havel, “School of Artist” from Müjdat Gezen,  ''Gratis  Surrealistic  Conversations” from Yılmaz Erdogan  and in 2010 community members have written and  exhibited  ”Through the Eyes of a Pharmacist Candidates “(a play based on the life of a pharmacy student, which aestheticize the process from choseing the pharmacy  faculty, the period of  practise training  and examine the issue of pharmacy profession and internship).The plays were exbibited  in different locations such as  Istanbul University, Yeditepe University , The Marmara Hotel , Marmara University ( Üzümcü Cultural Center) and the society members were have been invited to the 50th Anniversary celebration at  December 2010 to  Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy.


The Community is still working on the play “Peace” which has been written in B.C.421 by Aristophanes.


The Responsible: 


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