Private College of Pharmacy Period (1963 – 1971): “İstanbul Private College of Pharmacy”, which was the origin of Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy, was established by Murat Barıştıran and his partners who were the owners of “Rehber Unlimited Company”. The school was established on 9 November 1963 and the program had a start on 22 November 1963 by the permission of Turkish Ministry of Education. The pharmacy program was provided in a premises in Şişli with “İstanbul Private College of Dentistry” belonging to the same company. The founder directorate of these two schools was Prof. Dr. Suat İsmail Gürkan, and then Prof. Dr. Sarım Çelebioğlu was assigned as the headmaster of “İstanbul Private College of Pharmacy”. İstanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy’s education and training program was executed completely by the academic members of İstanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Science. The school was moved into premises in Nişantaşı and the first Bachelor of Pharmacy degrees were given in 1966. İstanbul Private College of Pharmacy also served as a night school of pharmacy which carried out the same four-year academic program throughout the semesters that are two weeks longer than ones the day school applied.

Istanbul University Academy of Economics Vocational School of Pharmacy Period (1971 – 1979): Upon the abrogation of some provisions of Law No. 625 on Private Educational Institutions, which were set out as a basis for Private Vocational Schools, by Constitutional Court on 12 January 1971 and the tenure of this sentence on 9 July 1971, the period of Private Vocational Schools in Turkey came to the end and these institutions were integrated into universities and academies and accredited with the law (Law no. 1472) set out to enable their students’ graduation. Thus, administration of İstanbul Private College of Pharmacy was committed to İstanbul University Academy of Economics and on 9 July 1971 İstanbul University Academy of Economics Vocational School of Pharmacy was established.  Student administration to the school between the years 1971-1974 was not allowed in order to discharge the school, but then it was set out the placements of students to the school since 1975. During this period, no changes were done in education and training program of the school. İstanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy’s education and training program was applied first time under the directorship of Prof. Dr. Nurettin Öktel and then by Prof. Dr. Fahir Sanel.

Istanbul University, Academy of Economics, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Period (1979 – 1982): At the beginning of the year 1979, Faculty of Pharmacy was established by being organized in the form of faculties within İstanbul University Academy of Economics and Prof. Dr. Fahir Sanel, Prof. Dr. Cemâl Omurtag, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Solmaz Doğanca, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ünal Yars, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayla Gürsoy, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Varvar ve Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özbek were assigned as academic staff. On 13 June 1979, as a result of the first faculty committee meeting, the name of the school was changed as Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Prof. Dr. Fahir Sanel was elected as the Dean of the Faculty.

The prompting of legislation no: 2237 enacted on 22 May 1979 and inured on 2 June 1979 under the name of “Assignation of the officialised vocational schools, which had been set up with the law numbered 1472, to universities and academies” was a turning point for our school’s development. Following the law no: 1472, regular teaching staff positions had been created and assigned for academic positions and assistants, so the prefatory of permanent academic staff positions was established. On 18 June 1979, the faculty committee of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences decided to incorporate the school into the faculty and the permanent staffs of the Academy was transferred to the faculty. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Emre Dölen in October 1979 and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Turay Yardımcı in December 1979 were appointed as academic staff, Dr. Süheyla Baykara, Dr. Nurdan Tözün, Dr. Meral Keyer–Uysal in November 1979 were appointed as lecturers. During this period, Prof. Dr. Fahir Sanel (13 June – 26 September 1979 and 21 January – 31 August 1982), Prof. Dr Talât Cantez (26 September 1979 – 30 May 1980), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Dölen (3 June 1980 – 20 January 1982) administered as dean.

Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy Period (1982 - ):

By the application  of legislation numbered 41 and its legal provision numbered 14 enacted  on  20 July 1982  under the name of “Decree Law Concerning Organization of Higher Education Organisations’’, Marmara University was founded and İstanbul University Academy of Economics Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences was engaged to Marmara University as ‘Faculty of Pharmacy’. One of the most important acts occurred in this period is the relocation of Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy in the academic year 1990-199 to the historical building in Haydarpaşa campus from previous building in Nişantaşı which had  deficiency in infrastructure of the faculty. After this relocation, the faculty had a wider surrounding and infrastructure problems were mostly resolved. On 31 August 1982, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Gökaslan was assigned as the dean but after his death on 16 December 1984 Assoc. Prof. Dr.Turay Yardımcı held the position as assignee dean between the dates 20 December 1984 – 24 April 1985. On 24 April 1985, Prof. Dr. Cemil Şenvar was assigned as the dean for the first time and on 24 April 1988 for the second time and then he retired in 1990. After his retirement, the position of deanship was performed by Prof. Dr. Turay Yardımcı between 1990-1996, Prof. Dr. Meral Keyer – Uysal between 1996-1999, Prof. Dr. Emre Dölen between 1999-2002,  Prof.Dr. Mert Ülgen as assignee dean in 2002, Prof. Dr. Mürşit Pekin between 2002-2008, Prof. Dr. Sevim Rollas between 2008-2012 and Prof. Dr. Gülden Z. Omurtag between 2012-2015. Current position is held by Prof. Dr. Ş. Güniz Küçükgüzel as assignee dean from 02.07.2015, and as dean from 15.07.2015.

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