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dekan mesajı.jpg (163 KB) Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy, which has an important role in Turkish pharmacy history with its reputable graduates and scientists, has celebrated its 56th anniversary on 13th of September at M.Ü. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Campus. Our faculty continues to be the second most preferred faculty in Turkey based on the ranking of LYS since 2010, with its young and dynamic staff, which has been the leader of many innovations since faculty’s establishment on 9 November 1963.

Our faculty applied for accreditation at the beginning of 2014, to the National Pharmacy Education Accreditation Board (ECZAK). After the examination of the "Evaluation and Monitoring Visit" reports, "Full Accreditation" has been given to Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy for 6 years as of 6 January 2015.

Our faculty is the faculty which produces the highest number of scientific publications and has the highest number of patents among the all faculties of Marmara University. Our faculty, which was deemed worthy of the Golden Mortar Pharmacy Institution of the Year in 2014, continues its mission of being a pioneering institution in its field with international and national congresses and symposiums it has been organizing for many years.

Our faculty was deemed worthy of the 2018 Science, Service, Incentive and Turkish Pharmacists Association Special Award organized by TEB Pharmacy Academy.

Our university and faculty are working hard to ensure that our faculty, which was moved from the Nişantaşı campus to Haydarpaşa Campus in 1992, is moved to its new technological and industry-oriented building in M.Ü. Başıbüyük Health Campus as of 2019. Significant steps will be taken on the way of pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology in our new building with the protocol of cooperation between the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey and Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy in the fields of Bachelor's, Master's and Industrial Education.  Journal of Research in Pharmacy, which is the journal of our faculty, is now indexed in ESCI, and we are working to take place in Science index, our biggest target.

The training program alongside new clinical aspects of the pharmacy profession has been also arranged to cover basic functions in pharmaceutical technology; compulsory and optional lectures in laboratory and training practices. Besides the basic theoretical and practical training which is based on natural and synthetic-based pharmaceutical production, control and marketing and a wide range of patient-focused education are performed. In addition, theoretical and practical information are given to students about cosmetology and clinical pharmacy. Since pharmacy education aims to gain very broad practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge, students do a traineeship related with their profession in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacist are in very close relationship with people, accordingly psychology, communication skills, accounting courses, as well as different culture courses are also included in their training programs. Our faculty, which has a national core education program (ÇEP) compatible education-training with the approval of YÖK on December 23, 2015, has made preparations for the extended education program (GEP), and has reached to the end point.

Significant steps will be taken on the way of pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology in our new building with the protocol of cooperation between the Pharmaceutical manufacturers association of Turkey and Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy in the fields of Bachelor's, Master's and Industrial Education. It is our greatest desire that our faculty, which has the task of training qualified manpower through undergraduate and graduate education programs, to take important roles in the fields of biosimilar products and raw materials which are important in our country's strategy in the vision of 2023. Our faculty, has become an important center of Turkey in the field of Clinical Pharmacy, through continuous education with pharmacist associations. We are in continuous education cooperation with MÜSEM, pharmacist associations and pharmaceutical industry.

Our students are going to partner universities to have education through Erasmus programme. Marmara University Pharmaceutical Students' Association (MUPSA), which is established by our students, is a member of European Pharmaceutical Students' Association (EPSA). In this way students get opportunities to be in contact with Pharmacy students of other countries, interact with other cultures, and be a part of the various professional activities abroad. With Marmara Pharmacy Club, FarmAcademy and Entrepreneur Pharmacists Clubs, it is aimed to reveal the abilities and qualities of students in physical, mental, cultural and artistic fields, and to ensure students' unity in the context of social activity awareness, as well as academic studies on the pharmacy profession. KOSGEB entrepreneurship certification programs are given to our students with the aim of training entrepreneur and innovative colleagues.

Dear Friends, as ambassadors of our faculty of education and training;

In the world where  the technology rapidly develops, I want you to become innovative thinkers, your participation in continuous training profession, your presence at all levels of production as a pharmacist from herbal formulations to new drug formulations, being expert pharmacists in hospitals and being specialized in areas including diabetes, oncology and various other fields, to share your knowledge on Pharmaceutical Care, rational drug use with health professionals and public, being a faculty member to close the gap in faculties of Pharmacy, to have high-rated papers, patents, citations, and to have  a word in university Techno-parks and pharmaceutical R&D centers.

Best regards,


Prof.Dr.Ş.Güniz Küçükgüzel



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